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Galvanised steel safety barrier.

About Varioguard

Safety first from Asset VRS

Varioguard can be installed using the Asset Drilling Rig (ADR), providing ZERO Hand Arm Vibration.

When used as a temporary safety barrier Varioguard is usually drilled and fixed at each end.

With a huge rental pool of Varioguard located at depots around the UK and Ireland, small installations to many kilometres can be serviced. Emergency call-outs to any part of the UK are routinely responded to within hours.

Asset’s concrete block anchor system allows Varioguard and Zoneguard barriers to be installed quickly and simply without the need for road surface preparation. Ideal for use on bridge decks and protected road surfaces.

Asset’s Safe Taper set-up removes the requirement of cones on the run up to a works scheme.

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Varioguard Single Unit

About Varioguard

Varioguard can be installed using the Asset Drilling Rig, providing ZERO Hand Arm Vibration, with up to 3000 m drilled and fixed per shift and is fully tested to EN1317-2: N2W3, N2W4, N2W5, N2W6 and H1W6.

Different working width classes are available, dependent on the anchorage configuration. When used as a temporary safety barrier Varioguard is usually anchored at each end with four 500 mm long anchor pins into pre-drilled holes.

Asset’s concrete block anchor system allows Varioguard and Zoneguard barriers to be installed quickly and simply without the need for road surface preparation.

Ideal for use on bridge decks and protected road surfaces.

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Standard Elements

Asset VRS’s Varioguard is a galvanised steel safety barrier, with a unit length of 4,000 mm, a height of 900 mm, and a base width of 700 mm.

A box beam on top of the unit is connected by SIGMA type posts to the unit base. These posts are bi-directional, and because the system is bolted together, they are field replaceable.

The standard element has a weight of only 400 kg and incorporates an integrated drainage section of 120 mm x 70 mm.


Single Sided

Asset VRS’s Varioguard Single Sided is a rigid energy absorbing barrier system that offers protection to both the travelling public and pedestrians.

With its narrow foot profile, Varioguard Single Sided is the ideal application for central reservation and verges where the requirement for set-back and clearance cannot be obtained with other barrier systems. It is ideally suited where PVCBs are unacceptable due to the presence of services or other constraints and obstructions, such as signs and lighting columns.


Bespoke Varioguard

Varioguard bespoke systems are an ideal solution. These bespoke systems can accommodate tight horizontal and vertical curves, manholes and access points to ducts can be bridged and accessed with site-specific designed and built units.

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Connections and transitions

Connections and transitions can be provided with Varioguard for continuous protection along different Vehicle Restraint Systems such as Hardstaff’s Multibloc. (Pictured above)



Specifically designed crash cushion model, ideal for use with Varioguard. Vecu-Stop crash cushions protect both road workers and road users on temporary installations the cushion is tested to EN1317-2 up to speeds of 70mph. 

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Quick joints

The use of Varioguard for lane rental projects is tried and tested with quick-joints. Our specialist installers can offer installation rates of up to 400 m per hour.


Autocad drawings

Full sets of drawings and approved general arrangements are available for all products. 

Autocad drawings are available upon request.


Supply options

With a huge rental pool of Varioguard located at depots around the UK and Ireland, small installations to many kilometres can be serviced. 

Alternatively, you can purchase Varioguard, we offer favourable buyback rates should you require them.


Technical advice

ASSET professionally qualified engineers can provide free advice on general arrangements and drawings that you may require, leading to cost-effective, performance-related solutions for both temporary and permanent safety barriers.

Terminal Elements

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Customer Service

24 Hour Call Out

Asset VRS offers a 24 hour call out service for emergency requirements, often following a road traffic accident which has caused damage to a bridge parapet. Our crews are always on standby and can react to any location in the UK within hours.


Specialist Transportation Solutions

Asset VRS has access to 12 specialist artic cab mounted Hiabs and up to 20 additional artic cabs for trailer haulage. All trailers are equipped with fall protection safety frames to facilitate safe working at height.


Tested and Approved

Asset VRS’s success is built upon providing cost-effective solutions to client requirements, backed up by professionally qualified engineers. Asset VRS’s reputation and service is unrivalled, with all products fully tested and approved.


Autocad drawings are available upon request

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