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Works Safety Gate

Crossover gate / works access point

About Works Safety Gate (WSG)

Asset VRS, in partnership with Balfour Beatty – Vinci JV, have developed the Works Safety Gate (WSG) to significantly reduce the danger faced by road workers when adjacent to works access points.

A typical 48 m length Works Safety Gate installed at a works access point can be opened manually by removing the securing pins at 8 m centres and separating the WSG into manually manageable lengths.

It can be subsequently closed using the same method, maintaining a secure and safe environment at all times during the works.

The WSG is unique in the fact that existing road worker professionals can be trained by Asset VRS instructors to operate the system safely, which means that access to the worksite can be implemented at short notice in a controlled and extremely safe manner.

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Zoneguard Variation

Varioguard Variation

Works Safety Gate
Works Safety Gate
Works Safety Gate Works Safety Gate


Works Safety Gate

No connections or transitions required

The design of the Asset WSG is such that it can be deployed against any vehicle restraint system with no connections or transitions required.

Works Safety Gate

High Visibility

The highly visible red and white powder coated sections of the WSG clearly define the access points within the works presenting clear delineation for works vehicle drivers.

Works Safety gate

Quick joints

With both Varioguard and Zoneguard variants using proven quick joint systems the WSG is able to be open and closed easily in 3 directions of travel, allowing for wider works entrances and exits as required and ensuring a secure VRS when closed.

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Autocad drawings

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With a huge rental pool of Varioguard located at depots around the UK and Ireland, small installations to many kilometres can be serviced. 

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Technical advice

ASSET professionally qualified engineers can provide free advice on general arrangements and drawings that you may require, leading to cost-effective, performance-related solutions for both temporary and permanent safety barriers.