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Permanent Solutions

Asset VRS is able to offer permanent solutions to suit your vehicle restraint system requirements.

There are a variety of safety barrier and access gate solutions that have multi-purpose applications. Initially used as temporary safety barrier systems, the Zoneguard, Varioguard and the Sologuard ECP Gate can be installed as permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) and Solutions.

Asset VRS’s bespoke systems can be permanently anchored at each end, and are lightweight, allowing bridge deck loading to be kept to a minimum. Both Zoneguard and Varioguard permanent solutions can be used in roadways, on up-stands and kerbs, with transitions to and from Open Box Beam (OBB) road safety barrier systems and pedestrian parapets being accommodated. Open Box Beam is designed for use on the road edge and central reservation of motorways and high-speed roads.

Permanent vehicle restraint barrier solutions, from Asset VRS, have been installed at hundreds of locations including the M5 Avonmouth Bridge and the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, as well as numerous road-over-rail sites.

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Steel Step

Steel Step System

Steel Step System has two variants; Steel Step Corridor and Steel Step Barrier. These can both be permanent solutions. They also both match the profile of Concrete Step Barrier or CSB.

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Sologuard Gates Queensferry Crossing Edinburgh Dhw April 19 0445 1080X720 1


Sologuard is the only permanent safety barrier for carriageway crossover points allowing opening and closing by two operatives within 5 minutes.

It is instantly moveable, allowing the flow of traffic to be altered quickly and safely.

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