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Bespoke Safety Barrier

Bespoke Solutions

Asset VRS offer bespoke solutions to suit your vehicle restraint system (VRS) requirements.

In cases where utilities have to be moved, or a large amount of preparation is required for the installation of conventional barriers, Asset’s bespoke barrier products are an ideal solution.

Varioguard and Zoneguard systems can accommodate tight horizontal and vertical curves, manholes and access points to ducts can be bridged and accessed with site-specific designed and built units. Such as the recent works at Brent Cross Interchange where barriers curved to protect the bridge structure.

The systems can also be permanently drilled and fixed at each end, and are both lightweight, allowing bridge deck loading is kept to a minimum. These systems have been installed as a permanent barrier solution at locations including the M5 Avonmouth Bridge and the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, as well as numerous road-over-rail sites. Both can be used in roadways, on up-stands and kerbs, with transitions to existing road safety barrier systems and pedestrian parapets.

Working closely with each client, we aim to supply the certified bespoke product you need as soon as possible, whether you require a temporary or permanent bespoke road barrier designed to your specification, Asset VRS are able to assist with years of experience, backed up by unrivalled support.

For more information on Bespoke Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) and Solutions please call us on 01902 499400 or get in touch.

Bespoke Zoneguard

The lowest deflecting portable steel highway barrier in the world, Zoneguard provides the ultimate protection for installers, roadworkers and passing public.

Site-specific designed and built units.


Bespoke Varioguard

Galvanised steel safety barrier. Suitable for use over utilities.

Site-specific designed and built units.


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