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    Asset VRS

    ASSET VRS is the leading supplier and manufacturer of temporary vehicle restraint safety barriers in the UK.

    4 days ago

    Asset VRS
    Rebloc enables you to meet the most stringent safety specifications and offers a wide-ranging system that increases site work areas. The RB80 systems are only 30cm and provide an N2 W1 containment and working width, ideal for contraflows or where the works scheme offers limited space. The RB140S freestanding concrete barrier solution offers an impressive H4a containment level and W4 working width and is ideal for use across structures and higher risk areas. All barrier systems from Asset VRS offer fenced solutions to help protect both the passing public and workers from loose debris and can be combined, ensuring complete protection along the length of the scheme.#safetyisourbusinessRebloc Concrete Barriers ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 week ago

    Asset VRS
    The lowest deflecting portable steel highway barrier in the world, Zoneguard provides the ultimate protection for installers, roadworkers and passing public.Both Zoneguard and Varioguard steel barriers are fully tested to EN1317 and deliver unique absorbing technology to manage the energy of errant vehicles by a combination of self-weight, catenary action, and the mass of the impacting vehicle on the products foot section, which limits barrier deflection.Up to 3000m of steel barrier can be installed in a shift using the unique joints and Asset's Drilling Rig. #safetyisourbusiness#steelbarrier #hsroads ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 week ago

    Asset VRS
    Asset Quest CEN 110 attenuator system has been successfully tested using EN 1317-3The Quest CEN can be lifted, transported and dropped into place, fully assembled, making it ideal for emergency and planned works schemes.Seen here on the M5 near Exeter, the Quest Cen 110 features an innovative integrated front trigger mechanism, during impacts this mechanism releases the support frame assembly to absorb the energy of the impact.The system is designed to telescope rearward during head-on impacts to absorb the energy of impact and to redirect vehicles during side angle impacts.#safetyisourbusinessEN1317-3 criteria for 110 km/h, 100 km/h and 80 km/h levels. ... See MoreSee Less
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