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Technical Details



BS – British Standard written to approve VRS by means of testing

DNV GL – Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd

EN – European Norm

RRRAP v1.3 / RRRAP v3.0 – Road Restraint Risk Assessment Process

VRS – Vehicle Restraint Systems is part of the RRS range of safety hardware deployed on highways

UKAS – United Kingdom Accreditation Service

BS EN 1317 – A specification for the testing and validation of road restraint systems (RRS)

LANTRA – A certification body for vocational training – with regard to VRS this is NHSS10 (National Highways Sector Scheme 10) – Vehicle Restraint Systems

ALLMIAssociation of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers – the certification body for Lorry Loader, Slinger/Signaller, Crane Supervisor and Appointed Person for Lifting (Lorry Loaders)

TRL note on tests completed for ASSET – “Since the flanged base of the Asset VRS Varioguard extends 150 mm in from the traffic face the setback distance of the barrier can be reduced by 150 mm without adversely affecting the performance of the barrier. As a consequence, the Working Width can be reduced by a corresponding distance.”

Working Width and Deflection

Temporary Vrs Performance Table 1. Normal Containment

The width of the barrier and the deflection upon collision.

Classes Of Working Width
Classes of working width Levels of working width (m).

Temporary VRS performance Table 1. Normal Containment

Temporary Vrs Performance Table 1. Normal Containment

For more information and further technical details on each vehicle restraint system (VRS) please see their individual product page.

  • Zoneguard
  • Varioguard
  • Rebloc
  • Multibloc

Table 2. Product Note Drawings

Product Note Drawings

Temporary VRS performance Table 3. High / Very High Containment

Temporary Vrs Performance

Table 4. Category Descriptor

Category Descriptor

Table 5. TVRS Anchorage Details

Tvrs Anchorage Details


TB11 European – Car – 900 kg

TB32 UK Normal Containment – Car – 1500 kg

TB42 H1 – Rigid Truck – 10,000 kg

TB51 UK High Containment – Bus – 13,000 kg

TB71 H4a – Rigid Truck – 30,000 kg

MASH TL3-10, TL4-10, TL3-11, TL4-11 and TL4-12 – USA small car test and pickup test (US Norm)


Technical Enquiries

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