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M5 Exeter Road Safety Barrier

Mar 6, 2022

Some shots of Varioguard protecting both road workers and passing traffic on the M5 near Exeter whilst the teams replace safety barriers and improve drainage and verge stability.

Fully tested to EN1317: N2 W3, N2 W4, N2 W5, N2 W6 and H1 W6 Varioguard can be installed using the Asset Drilling Rig, providing ZERO Hand Arm Vibration, with up to 3000m drilled and fixed per shift.

Available with connections to an unmatched containment level choice of barriers, including Rebloc and Zoneguard, Varioguard makes up part of the UK’s largest temporary barrier rental pool.

Our UK based rental pool is available for scheduled works or emergency requirements. It offers an unmatched containment level choice, as well as fenced solutions and gated options, enabling us to provide the perfect end to end solution for your temporary works scheme.

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