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Temporary concrete barrier system.

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Rebloc Rb80S

About RB80S

Containment level: H1 (covers N1, T3, T2 and T1)

Working width: W4 (covers W5, W6, W7 and W8)

Impact severity level: ASI B

Application: Temporary system

Installation: Free-standing

Designed and tested to BS EN 1317-2 the Rebloc RB80S slim system width of 300 mm and the low working width are important determinants if little space is available. Each element is anchored with only four anchor pins, which can be easily installed and removed allowing for an installation rate of up to 200 m per hour. Thanks to the unique interlocking coupling on the RB80S’s 12 m long unit, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protects fully against targeted vandalism. The RB80SA has large contact areas with integrated elastomer pads which result in a low surface pressure. (As RB80SA without anchor pins.)

REBLOC Temporary Systems ensure smooth traffic flow in congested areas. Traffic is separated from construction zones and protects personnel and site machinery from vehicle impact and traffic-related incidents.

The compact design is most effective where space is restricted and timelines tight. The 12 m element length is optimal for deployment and use of available space in construction sites.

The REBLOC coupling system guarantees a safe and quick installation, which is possible at any time of the year and in any weather.

The large contact areas with integrated rubber pads result in a low surface pressure and protect the road surface.

Product Features & Advantages


Compact Design

Compact element design (system width 30 cm) with integrated coupling (no loose parts)


Quick Installation

High installation speed: easy and quick installation, relocation and removal.


High Visibility

Reflectors on both sides for guidance, increasing safety & awareness of road users.

Technical Data

Rb80S 12 02
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