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Temporary pre-concrete vehicle restraint system.

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About RB140SFS

  • Containment level: H4a (covers H3, H2, H1, N1, T3, T2 and T1)
  • Working width: W4 (covers W5, W6, W7 and W8)
  • Impact severity level: ASI B
  • Application: Permanent / Temporary
  • Installation: Free-standing

Pre-cast concrete vehicle restraint systems are ideally used for long-lasting protection on the central reservation and along the verge.

The Rebloc RB140SFS achieves the highest containment level of H4a offering the best possible protection and restrains the impact of a 30-tonne truck driving at 65km/h (TB71 in accordance with BS EN 1317-2).

The integrated, innovative coupling does not contain any loose parts enhancing safety and installation speed. The easy installation, which does not depend on weather conditions, reduces the risk of works over running helping meet deadlines and budgets.

Thanks to the interlocking construction, there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorized removal of pieces and protects fully against vandalism.

Product Features & Advantages


Compact Design

Compact element design (system width 30 cm) with integrated coupling (no loose parts)


Quick Installation

High installation speed: easy and quick installation, relocation and removal.


High Visibility

Reflectors on both sides for guidance, increasing safety & awareness of road users.

Technical Data

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