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Overnight Installation of Asset Zoneguard A14 Kettering

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Zoneguard Night Installation A14 Kettering

Asset VRS, one of the Hill & Smith Plc. group of companies, recently completed their first UK installation of Zoneguard temporary steel barrier on the Kettering A14 stretch of highway.

Zoneguard was specifically proposed for this contraflow highway project due to its rating of N2 W2.

Peter Wilkinson, MD at Asset VRS, commented that Zoneguard’s deflection of only 100 mm makes it ideal for narrow road width work as required on the A14.

Zoneguard is proven to be the lowest deflecting portable barrier in the world, meeting the UK’s BS EN 1317 level H1 W3, H1 W7, N2 W6 and N2 W2.

Asset Zoneguard A14 Kettering


The overnight installation time was speeded up by the use of the new Altecho road drilling machine which is capable of drilling both sides of the Zoneguard barrier, enabling an installation rate of over 400 metres an hour.

Peter Wilkinson concluded that Asset’s manufacture and supply of British made Zoneguard steel barrier plus the investment in the new Altecho technology demonstrates the company’s commitments to improving road works safety.