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M6 All Lanes Running (ALR) Project

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M6 Alr Project

The Project

The M6 Junctions 16-19 Smart Motorway All Lanes Running (ALR) Project covers an 18 mile stretch of motorway used by 132,000+ vehicles per day – 92 vehicles per minute.

The route includes 4 motorway junctions, 37 overbridges, 7 underbridges and aims to substantially increase motorway capacity. This section of the 3 lane M6 motorway can be as busy as the 4/5 lane sections of the M25 motorway.

The pre-painted red and white Multibloc TVCB were installed 4.3m from the running face of the temporary studs and the line of the traffic in the central reserve as a new method of access and egress in place of the standard practice of cone and rope placement. Traffic management and safety lane closures for working in and around the access and egress points were no longer required and works using plant and machinery can continue unabated behind the Hardstaff Multibloc.

The 2,500kg blocks offer N2/W3 containment and were bolted together and placed on the edge of the excavation, ensuring any errant public vehicle which may, by mistake, enter the central reserve, is unable to cross over carriageways or tip down into the central reserve works. The client commented “Since installation there have been no instances of members of the public entering the works behind works vehicles. With lorries constantly entering with ballast and leaving with excavated muck and debris, this new method of road site safety is a smart, safe method enabling everyone to Get Home Safely!”

Multibloc on the M6

Red and White Barriers placed on the M6 to allow for the smart motorway all lanes running project.