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Vertical concrete barrier


About Multibloc

A vertical concrete barrier (TVCB) of 3 metres in length by 0.8 metres and weighing 2.5 tonnes, this product is used for workforce protection on roadways.

Being fully chapter 8 compliant and easy to install quickly on various surfaces, Multibloc is ideal for roads, construction sites, boundaries, vacant property and car parks.

As well as protecting workforce or pedestrians, Multibloc can be used as a deterrent for ram-raids, or with the optional addition of MultiFence as a barrier and security fence solution for securing sites. There is a multibloc option for BlastDefender for protection from aero engines in airports or Multibloc F system that has been tested to EN1317.


Multibloc Fence

Multibloc F

Multibloc F is the only surface mounted barrier with EN1317 tested fence that consists of 21 Multibloc reinforced 3 metres long free standing interlocked barriers that give a total system length of 63 metres.

Fitted to the top of the multibloc barriers are 1.43 metres long see through debris fence mesh panels that are 1.8 metres high and connect to F post assemblies on top of the barriers.

The only surface mounted temporary barrier with fence tested to EN1317 (N1W2). Ultimate High Security 358 anti-climb / anti-cut mesh fencing.

Multibloc Fence


MultiFence concrete safety barrier & temporary fencing system that works in conjunction with our Multibloc and Maxibloc products.

This affordable and highly capable fencing system is suitable for use across applications such as compound security and protecting vacant property. In aviation red and white multibloc can be used to provide perimeter fencing with installation up to 5 metres height on request.

MultiFence uses an anti-climb and anti-cut mesh. Fence toppings available e.g. Barbed Wire, Razor Coil etc.

multibloc Maxibloc

Transition unit

From Multibloc to Maxibloc.

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